Operational Effectiveness Auditor Training

Using safety as a bellwether for operational health; over the course of one week, a team of OpX Safety and training participants’ interview employees (at all levels), review programs and observe conditions and behaviors to learn how to evaluate the organizational roots of excessive safety risk.  The training is conducted at a facility and should include both Line and Staff participants.  The training results in a partial audit of the site and presentation to site management.

This process starts with 1.5- 2 days of training for the team.  The training includes the following subjects/activities:

  • Understanding management systems and their role in controlling outcomes
  • Auditing management system elements
  • Using their senses to identify operational issues
  • Asking the right questions and following an “audit trail”
  • Understanding how operational and organizational factors that create safety issues
  • Identifying facts and documenting findings
  • Presenting the findings to the management team

The second step of the process is the conduct of the audit.  The team splits up to interview floor level employees, management (Line & Staff), and Union representatives; review programs and observe facility conditions and behaviors.

The process concludes with the development of a presentation and a de-brief meeting with site management.