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Motivational Presentations, Seminars And Meeting Facilitation

Mr. Susca regularly speaks with a wide variety of organizations and businesses on topics such as:

  • It’s Bigger Than Safety – how to use safety to help understand and improve the effectiveness of your organization as a whole.
  • Where Safety Fits – how to integrate safety into the organizational decision-making process.
  • Safety Leadership – how to improve your safety leadership skills.
  • Management System Effectiveness – making sure that you get the most out of your safety management systems.
  • Management System Integration – how to build organizational synergy through the effective integration of management systems.
  • Integrating Safety Into Process Improvement – how to best drive safety improvement through your continuous improvement processes.
  • Making Safety Simpler – safety doesn’t have to be so complicated. How to make safety more black & white and visual to all of your employees.
  • Increasing The Organizational Respect For Safety & Safety Professionals – enhancing the organizational value of safety professionals and the function as a whole.
  • Fatality Prevention: Do You Have A Risk Blind Spot? – understanding fatality risk and how to improve your fatality risk management approach.
  • Creating Predictive Metrics – how to measure in a way that helps you predict failures.
  • Understanding Your Reality – how to see and hear what’s really going on in your organization.

If you are interested in a specific topic that is not listed, please contact us.


Participant Feedback From Recent Sessions

ASSE National Professional Development Conference – June 2017,  Denver, CO – Developing and Deploying Effective Fatality Prevention Audits

“Best session I attended at the conference”

“Great job!!”


“Great examples and experience”

ASSE NEA Professional Development Conference November 2016 – Increasing Your Organizational Value – Adding Value to the Safety Profession and Professional

“I loved this presentation, he fostered great discussion with and amongst the audience and answered everyone’s questions”

“Very engaging performance”

“Integrated with attendees”

“Extremely well spoken, able to relate to real world to topics and philosophies”

BLR Webinar April 2016 – Safety Management System Integration: How To Overcome Challenges and Drive Success

“Excellent overview of how to assess processes as they relate to management systems”

“Very informative, gave a very good overview”

“Excellent presentation by Pete”

“I’ve heard Mr. Susca speak before and what he says and how he says it makes a lot of sense”

“I have heard the speaker before and he is very knowledgeable”

“Great overview from someone who obviously has helped organizations with their own transformation”

ORCHSE Corporate Environmental Forum February 2, 2016 – Organizational Reasons and Solutions for Environmental Challenges

“Excellent topic”

“Great New Insights”

“Energetic Individual – Process, Process, Process”

“Best Session in My Opinion”

“Excellent, Very Applicable”

ASSE PDC November 2015 –  Is Your OH&S Management System Effective?

“Great depth in a difficult subject”

“A great speaker- exceptional education program”

“Terrific talent for how to/what to consider to build a great SMS”

“Nice interactive style, generates thoughts and ideas”

“Peter has a complete understanding of management systems and is effective at conveying to people on all levels”

“Peter was a great speaker and I enjoyed all the audience interaction”

“Best session so far for me”

“Excellent material not really heard in such a specific way before”