Fatality Prevention Assessment & Auditing

Our services include:

  • Assessment of your present fatality management approach (e.g., risk assessments, fatality prevent standards and controls, perception of fatality risk, unreported fatality situations)
  • Performance of organization-wide fatality risk assessments and audits – includes physical risks as well as situations created by activities and decision-making
  • Reporting results to senior management
  • Creation of fatality risk baseline and metrics
  • Creating a fatality risk reduction strategy with the management team
  • Identification and development of Subject Matter Experts for each fatality hazard area (e.g., energy control, material handing, rail, working at height)
  • Development of organization-specific fatality prevention audit process – train a cross-section of staff at all levels to conduct the audit
  • Assist with the integration of fatality prevention techniques into business functions and decision-making processes
  • Conducting audits to validate effectiveness and consistency of the fatality prevention approach

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