A strong and respected cadre of Health & Safety professional staff is essential to the success of any organization with a robust Health & Safety value.   Every organization needs a blend of Health & Safety talent that is technically competent and organizationally savvy.  Of paramount importance, especially in the Health & Safety field, is an individual’s ability to become an organizational team member not just technical expert.

H&S professionals all levels need to be perceived by Line management as legitimate business partners.  Even if the H&S function is not positioned as a direct report to the Sr. Line Manager of the organization, their comportment, organizational savvy and business understanding can allow them to create the requisite respect from the senior management team.  OpX Safety can help you enhance the capacity of your H&S staff.

In addition to a wide variety of technical subjects, we offer the following training modules and skill-building support to our clients:

  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities of Health & Safety Staff
  • Understanding the role of a Support Organization
  • Understanding how the business works – adding organizational value as well as technical expertise
  • Working with labor unions – common ground/relationship building
  • Making a business case for Health & Safety
  • Developing effective risk management programs
  • Understanding Management Systems
  • How to be an effective auditor
  • Management Systems auditor training and field assessment
  • Fatality Prevention Auditing
  • Course development and training skills for Health & Safety professionals
  • Facilitation skills for Health & Safety Professionals
  • Causal Analysis – understanding the organizational roots of H&S issues
  • Risk Assessment Techniques
  • How to become an employee engagement advocate/leader

If you have a need that is not listed above, please give us a call.