Organizations work best when Functional Leaders (E.g., Quality, HR, Safety) integrate their systems, processes and initiatives.  We can help you build the “common ground” required for organizational effectiveness.

Organizational “Health” Assessments

OpX Safety assists our clients in understanding the organizational and operational challenges (precursors) that lead to excessive Health & Safety (H&S) risk and performance shortcomings, and provides them with a set of prioritized actions to improve H&S and operational health.  Knowing that there is a direct correlation between excessive (and misunderstood) safety risk and operational/organizational health, our unique approach help you strengthen your organization rather than continually chasing problems.

Our Strategy

  • Our approach uses H&S (excessive residual risk) as a bellwether for organizational health.
  • We will identify organizational and operational factors (issues) that impair the sites ability to control risk, perform as planned and to weather significant changes. (see Elements of the Organizational Assessment)

The following diagram illustrates the elements of the organization that are assessed and included in the conclusions:

Ogranizational and Safety Relationship Diagram

The Approach

  • Assess the effectiveness of sites approach to identify, prioritize and control H&S risk.
  • Identify the operational challenges at the site that impact the effectiveness of the H&S approach
  • Identify the organizational factors that impact the site’s effectiveness

This is accomplished through:

  • Surveys of and interviews with the management team at all levels
  • Surveys of and interviews with floor-level employees
  • Observations of plant behaviors and conditions
  • Review of H&S program/system data

From this information we determine the systemic H&S gaps and organizational/ operational root issues that impact the overall health of your operation.


  • Presentation to the management team identifying organizational and operational issues, excessive H&S risk and programmatic/system shortcomings.  Prioritized corrective actions are recommended to address the findings.
  • A formal report of findings and recommendations.